2003 Badger Football Recruiting Targets

(Compiled by Merced Badger)

Also remember that I am not a recruiting guru, nor is MercedBadger and that our focus is on UW recruiting. So, when a player drops the UW, he probably isn't going to be followed very closely, so data like "other schools offered" will periodically be incomplete.

2003 Badger Verbals/Commits

Kickers Quarterbacks Running Backs Wide Receivers
Athletes Tight Ends Offensive Line Linebackers
Defensive Ends Defensive Backs Defensive Tackles

POS Player Home Ht Wt Spd Schools Comments
K Eric Ledbetter Rockford, MI 5-10 170 4.7 [9/24] MICH, WISC(9/21), ND, TOL, WMU, EMU, CMU As a Jr, made 6 of 8 FG, with longest of 47 yds.
K Clint Stitser Reno, NV 6-1 190 4.65 [11/20] UCLA, WASH, CAL, OHST, WISC, MINN As a Jr, kicked 4 FG of 50+ yds.
K/P David Hagen Milton, WI 6-2 180 4.7 [Jul] most of BIG10 Said to be accurate out to 45 yds. Punts for a 40-yd avg, with good hang time.
K/P/TE Brad Listorti West Haven, CT 6-2 224 4.6 [Jun] BC, SYR, WISC, IA, CONN, MASS, RUT BP 290, SQ 300. As a Jr, had 42 rec/732 yds and 10 TD. Scouts say that he has good separation speed. Kicked 6 FG, longest 43 yds. Punted for 47 yd avg. 2.9 GPA/910 SAT.

POS Player Home Ht Wt Spd Schools Comments
QB Sam Betty Bakersfield, CA 6-6 215 4.7 [May] STAN, CAL, UCLA, USC, ORE, WASH, WISC, ND VJ 35". In basketball, he is a great outside shooter and ballhandler. His coach, who also coached Dave Carr, said that Carr can't touch Betty athletically but Betty is not as polished mechanically at this stage. As a Jr, completed 79/168 (47%) for 998 yds and 12 TD.
QB Frank Jankowski Berwick, PA 6-2 200 4.6 [Aug] PSU, ND, WISC, NW, IND, WV, Vandy BP 275. 4-yr starter for Berwick. As a Jr, passed for 2090 yds and 20 TD. Ran for 617 yds and 8 TD. Scouts say that he reads defenses well and audibilizes well, and has a strong arm. Fastball was timed in the low 90's. 3.9 GPA/1030 SAT.
QB Beau Budde San Clemente, CA 6-3 195 4.8 [Jun] STAN, WASH, WISC, CSU, KAN VJ 28.2". As a Jr, completed 182/322 for 2375 yds and 20 TD, with 10 Int. Son of USC and NFL lineman Brad Budde.

POS Player Home Ht Wt Spd Schools Comments
RB Maurice Drew Concord, CA 5-8 195 4.5 [11/18] USC(1/17), COL(v), CAL(v), WISC, WASH, ORE, WSU all offered Ranked #2 APB (Nov) by Rivals. 10.86 100m, 21.9 200m, BP 330, VJ 34". As a Jr, had 59 car/736 yds (12.5 ypc) and 15 TD; had 13 rec/307 yds and 4 TD. Scouts say that he has great moves and acceleration, and runs low to the ground. 2.8 GPA.
RB/FB Adam Gabriel Monrovia, CA 5-11 220 4.66 [10/11] COL(o), WISC(o) lead ORE, WASH, WSU, FnoSt Ranked #16 FB (Nov) by Rivals. Shuttle 4.22. As a Jr, at FB rushed for 650 yds; at LB had 8 sacks.
RB Gerard Jackson Melbourne, FL 5-10 235 4.5 [10/27] ILL, IND lead WISC, NCSt, ORSt, SoMiss, OKSt; all offered NJCAA preseason AA, FansOnly Juco Top 150, rated a 6 by Max Emfinger, rated 4-stars by TheInsiders. Will graduate in Dec 2002 and will have two years to play two. Attends Dodge City CC, KS.
RB/CB Lawrence Maroney St. Louis, MO 6-0 210 4.4 [11/26] ILL(o,12/6), MINN(o,12/13), MO(o,v), WISC(v) Rated 5-star player by Lemming. 10.6 100m, 21.8 200m. As a Jr, ran for 1400 yds (8 ypc) and 13 TD. Scouts say that he can cut on a dime. Can play CB. 3.0 GPA/17 ACT.
RB Greg Owens Chicago, IL 5-10 210 4.45 [Sep] MICH(fav), MSU, IA, WISC, ILL, OKLA, NEB, COL, PUR BP 310, 10.7 100m, 22.3 200m. As a Jr, had 192 car/1444 yds and 19 TD. Good combination of size, power and speed. Scouts say that he has excellent vision and moves. Grades could be a problem. ~2.0 GPA/21 ACT.
RB Marcus Woods Farmington Hills, MI 5-7.5 175 4.43 [10/18] NEB(o,10/11), MSU(o,12/13), BG(o) lead WISC, IA, TOL(o) BP 315, SQ 410, Shuttle 3.87, VJ 34.5". As a Jr, rushed for 1700 yds. Had impressive Nike camp. Big-time schools like him despite his size. 2.9 GPA.
RB Isaac Brown Bridgeport, MI 5-11 190 4.6 [Jul] MICH, WISC, IA, MINN, IND, CMU BP 345, VJ 31", 11.0 100m. As a Jr, had 78 car/659 yds and 10 TD; fumbled only once. Breaks tackles and gets a lot of yac. 2.7 GPA.
RB Marcus Fitzgerald Richfield, MN 5-10 185 4.7 [Aug] PITT, WISC lead OHST, IA, OKLA, ILL, MINN BP 275, shuttle 4.13, VJ 25.2". As a Jr, had 223 car/1511 yds (8 ypc) and 14 TD. Brother of Larry Fitzgerald. ~2.5 GPA.
RB/LB Cas Prime Janesville, WI 6-2 215 4.5 [Jul] WISC, MICH, NEB, IA BP 250, SQ 350. As a Jr, rushed for 1811 yds and 24 TD. As a Sr, had 289 car/2193 yds (7.6 avg) and 30 TD; made 1st team All-State at RB, named Journal-Sentinel POY. Grades are a problem. 2.0 GPA.
RB Chauncey Washington Torrance, CA 6-0 200 4.5 [Jul] USC(o,soft verbal), WISC(o,v), ND(v), ORE(o,v), MSU(o,v) Ranked #6 RB (Nov) in the nation by TheInsiders. PrepStar Dream Team. VJ 30.3". As a Jr, had 225 car/1872 yds and 24 TD.

POS Player Home Ht Wt Spd Schools Comments
WR/DB Tony King Florissant, MO 6-3 190 4.5 [11/14] ILL(o), WISC(o), MO(o), KAN(o) Sleeper who had impressive summer camps. Prefers to play WR. Described as a long-strider who can accelerate, and adjusts well to the ball. Regarded by many as the top WR in the St. Louis area.
WR/CB Dareus Hiley Cleveland, OH 6-0 171 4.49 [10/31] MICH(12/1), MIA(12/20), USC(v), OHST(v), WISC all offered Lemming Top 100, PrepStar Dream Team. Ranked #5 CB (Nov) by TheInsiders. Nicknamed "Superman". Duane Long of "Ohio's Future Stars" calls him "The most special athlete from Ohio since Charles Woodson." VJ 34". Played CB, WR, RB, QB and punts and kicks. Reportedly wants to play WR but OHST wants him at CB.
WR/TE Kyle Ingraham San Antonio, TX 6-9 215 4.69 [11/2] AZ(o,v), PUR(o,v), WISC(v) lead OKLA, COL, STAN Shuttle 4.2. Plays WR and DE but some project him as a TE. Scouts say that he is quick off the ball. Also a good basketball player. Parents were athletes at AZ. 3.85 GPA/1190 SAT.
WR Greg Bracey Milwaukee, WI 6-2 190 4.4 [9/23] WISC(o), ND, MICH(o), NEB, COL, PUR(o), NW(o), MINN(o), MO(o), Vandy, Memp 10.64 100m, 21.5 200m, BP 250, VJ 34". As a Jr, had 12 rec/300 yds and 7 TD. Scouts say that he can make tough catches and has good separation speed. As a Sr, made WFCA 1st team All-State at WR. Plays PG in basketball. 3.4 GPA/17 ACT.
WR Clay Buchholz Lumberton, TX 6-3 175 4.36 [May] TA&M;, ARK, WISC, LSU, NW 10.47 100m. As a Jr, had 28 rec/500 yds and 4 TD. Reportedly, WISC coaches saw him at a camp in Texas and were extremely impressed.
WR Greg Chatman Carson, CA 6-1 190 4.4 [Aug] WSU(rth), WISC(rth), TENN, FSU, WASH, SJSt; also pursued by UCLA As a Jr, had 17 rec/380 yds and 5 TD. His team runs a Wing-T offense and doesn't pass much.
WR/DB Kevin Marion St. Petersburg, FL 5-9 160 4.35 [Jul] MIA, FSU, FLA, WISC, GA, AUB, NC, NCSt, MSU Scouts say he has great leaping ability and is explosive. Can play WR and CB. 2.5+ GPA.
WR/S Bo Thompson Indianapolis, IN 6-5 205 4.5 [May] PUR, TENN, OHST, MICH, MSU, WISC, ILL BP 230, VJ 28". As a Jr, had 20 rec for 552 yds and 8 TD. Played Safety as a Soph. His coach said: "Bo is a good stalk-blocker, he has excellent hands and he's a deep threat. He's a big wideout that most BIG10 teams are looking for. Bo is tough. He won our 'Big Nail' award for the biggest hit of the game several times."
WR/S Dareon Spencer Wheaton, IL 6-3 190 4.5 [May] WISC, PUR, MICH, OHST, ILL, MSU, LSU, IND(o), Vandy, MARY As a Jr, had 40 rec/700 yds and 12 TD. Can play Safety.
WR Nate Hood Chicago, IL 6-3 190 4.5 [10/11] WISC(fav,8/23), Valpar, EMU As a Jr, had 30 rec/684 yds and 6 TD. Didn't start playing football until Jr yr. Ranked #1 academically in his class. Ex-teammate of Dwayne Smith.
WR/S Jonte Flowers Madison, WI 6-4 175 4.9 [Aug] WISC, NEB, NW, NIU Ranked #31 (Jun) in C.Pool's Midwest Top 100. C.Pool is very high on Jonte. He says Jonte has "tremendous" hands, "fantastic" hand-eye coordination, and is fearless going across the middle. Pool said Jonte consistently makes tough over-the-shoulder catches; and on defense, he made some impressive INTs and is a hitter. As a Sr, had 37 rec/683 yds (18.5 avg). Basketball was considered to be his main sport and he will get Div-1 hoop offers.

POS Player Home Ht Wt Spd Schools Comments
ATH Terry Washington St. Louis, MO 5-10 190 4.45 [11/14] IA(o,11/12), IND(o,12/6), ILL(o,12/13), WISC(o,12/20) Lemming says that he is close to being a 5-star player. BP 245, SQ 375, VJ 32", LJ 20', 10.7 100m, 21.8 200m. As a Jr, on offense rushed for 1500 yds/16 TD avging 9 ypc; on defense he played DB where he had 12 TFL, 2 INT and 5 pass breakups. Scouts say that he has surprizing power and lower body strength; said to have "creative" instincts in running. 2.7 GPA/16 ACT.
ATH Brandon Nolen Old Bridge, NJ 5-11 190 4.45 [10/16] CLEM(o), ND, WISC(o), PUR(o), IND(o), Wake(o), RUT(o) 10.7 100m. Can play TB, DB, KR/PR. Scouts say that he has great vision on offense; on defense he is good on run support.
ATH Adrian Perryman St. Paul, MN 5-10.5 177 4.43 [10/16] WISC, MINN, NW lead ND, STAN, IA, Cornl BP 225. As a Jr, had 17 rec/283 yds; and 3 INT on defense. In May 50+ schools showed some interest.
ATH James Velissaris Northbrook, IL 5-10 180 4.45 [Jul] IA, NW, WISC, PUR, IND, MINN, COL, BC, BG As a Jr, had 238 car/1629 yds and 21 TD in 9 games. Scouts say he has great vision. He can play RB, CB, WR, KR. 3.5 GPA.
ATH Jamiah Wade St. Louis, MO 5-11 160 4.5 [Aug] OHST, ILL, WISC, IA, MINN, KSU Plays QB. As a Jr, completed 103/202 for 1548 yds and 10 TD. Will also play FS this season. 2.8 GPA.
ATH William Boyd Gardena, CA 5-9 165 4.45 [10/2] UCLA, WISC, HAW, Boise As a Jr, rushed for 350 yds, had 12 rec/200 yds, avgd 24 yds per KR. Outstanding at CB.

POS Player Home Ht Wt Spd Schools Comments
TE Patrick Danahy Sarasota, FL 6-5 230 4.75 [11/27] WISC(o,fav,10/19), STAN(12/6), GT(o,12/13), FLA, NW(o), Duke(o) Rated the #1 TE in FL, and 4-stars by Lemming. The Florida Kids site ranked him #64 (Aug) in its Fla Top 101. BP 325. As a Jr, had 22 rec/377 yds and 5 TD. A scout said: "This is a big-time talent who has exceptional hands, great speed and has learned how to block very well." Aunt/uncle live in Dane Co. 4.4 GPA/1200 SAT.
TE Steve Dickert Tuscon, AZ 6-3 220 4.55 [Aug] UCLA, USC, Yale, CAL, WASH, ORE, WISC, AZ, CSU BP 260, VJ 33". As a Jr, had 16 rec/325 yds and 2 TD. Son of ex-Badger OL Gary Dickert. ~4.0 GPA.
TE Brandon Davis Riverside, IL 6-5 230 4.6 [Jul] PUR, FLA, WISC, UCLA, ILL, IND(o), MSU, MO, NIU(o), BG(o) As a Jr, had 40 rec/500 yds and 6 TD. Plays WR but is projected at TE.
TE/DE Mike Merritt Riviera, FL 6-3.5 225 4.8 [10/28] LSU(o), NCSt(o), WISC(o), OHST, RUT(o) VJ 28.3". As a Jr, had 10 sacks. WISC wants him as a TE.

POS Player Home Ht Wt Spd Schools Comments
OL Ryan Harris St. Paul, MN 6-5 255 4.7 [11/19] WISC(o, unv10/5), MIA(o,10/18), ND(o,11/23), STAN(o, 12/6), MICH(o,12/13) Lemming Top 100 and rated by him at 5-stars. Ranked #7 OL (Nov) by TheInsiders. Ranked #9 (Jun) in C.Pool's Midwest Top 100. Lemming feels that Harris is the quickest OL prospect in the nation; says he gets a good jump off the ball and is very effective at downfield blocking. Plays LT but some project him as an OG. Record as a wrestler is 29-4. From Cretin-Derham Hall HS. Studentbody president. 3.7 GPA/23 ACT.
OL Mike Jones Oaklawn, IL 6-5 307 5.1 [Oct] ND(12/6), TENN, MICH, WISC, IA, MIA, PSU, NEB, COL, OKLA all offered Lemming Top 100. TheInsiders Top 101. Ranked #5 OL (Nov) by TheInsiders. Ranked #2 (Jun) in C.Pool's Midwest Top 100. Regarded by some as the top OL in Illinois. Only lineman in school history to grade out at 100% for a game. About WISC, he said: "I took a visit there back in July. I like their offense....they seem to produce really good OL. It's close to home and a school I'm considering." He said he is looking for "a coach I believe I can work with for the next 4 or 5 yrs and a program that I think can win and help take me to the next level." 2.75 GPA.
OL Mario Henderson Lehigh Acres, FL 6-7 335 5.3 [11/11] CLEM(1/10), NCSt(v), Pitt lead WISC, FLA, Louiv; all offered FansOnly Super Prospect. Ranked #16 (Aug) in Florida Kids Fla Top 101. VJ 21.7". In 2001, he was impressive at a Nike camp as a 15-yr old Jr. He weighed 370 and was regarded as a raw talent who had NFL potential. Transferred from another school and didn't play his Jr yr. Has family in WI.
OL Jerome Springfield Lehigh Acres, FL 6-8 320 5.59 [11/18] MIA, FSU, CLEM(o), WISC, PITT(o), Louiv(o), Wake(o) VJ 18.3", shuttle 5.98. Good pass blocker. Transferred from Savannah.
OL John Inman Knoxville, TN 6-5 315 5.5 [Nov] SCar(o), TENN, WISC, OHST, AUB, ARK Scouts describe him as a dominating OL who is quick off the ball, and has excellent agility. Cousin of ex-Vol AA Carl Pickens. 2.0+ GPA.
OL/DT Chris Hopkins Chicago, IL 6-6 270 4.9 [10/16] TENN, WISC, PITT BP 280. Currently plays DE, TE and OT. Said to be an outstanding blocker who can sustain his blocks until the whistle. As a TE, he is reported to have quick feet, good moves and soft hands. ~2.1 GPA.
OL Adam Gibson Indianapolis, IN 6-5 385 5.7 [9/12] WISC(o), MICH(o), MSU(o), IND, ALA(o) Brother of Aaron Gibson.
OL/DT Robert Felton Houston, TX 6-3.5 323 5.43 [10/13] WISC, AZ, ARK lead TCU, Hous, UTEP; all offered BP 350, shuttle 5.0, VJ 22.6". Said to be quick off the ball. Also a good DT. 5.3 GPA on a 6.0 scale.
OL Pat Sharrow Monroe, MI 6-5 275 4.85 [10/2] MICH(o), MSU(o), PUR(o) lead WISC, OHST, PSU, NEB, VA BP 390. Good mobility. Has also played DE. Scouts say that he has the flexibility to bend his knees and get low. 3.5 GPA.
OL/DT James Blair Detroit, MI 6-3.5 325 5.35 [Aug] MICH, COL, FLA, WISC, NEB, IA BP 390, SQ 630, VJ 24". First started playing football as a Soph. Now is one of the most dominating linemen in the state. Comes off the ball quickly. Can dunk a basketball. Has extremely long arms and very quick feet. 2.5+ GPA.
OL Travis Coughlin Madison Hgts, MI 6-7 265 4.9 [Jul] MICH, WISC, STAN, PUR, BC, VA BP 285. Has good athleticism; in hoops avgd 15 ppg and 11 rpg. 4.1 GPA/26 ACT.
OL Tim Downs St. Louis, MO 6-7 320 5.2 [Jul] NEB, TENN, WISC, ILL, MO, KSU, KAN Scouts say that he is athletic, flexible, and has quick feet. Plays in class 2A. ~2.8 GPA.
OL Mike Van Someran Somerset, WI 6-7 285 5.3 [Aug] WISC(fav), STAN, MICH, ILL, IA, MINN Said to be the best prospect in 25 yrs at Somerset. Camped at WISC. As a Sr, made WFCA 1st team All-State at DL.
OL Kevin Serfort Oak Creek, WI 6-5 275 5.2 [Aug] NEB, WISC, MICH, PSU, NW Played TE as a Jr and was switched to OT. As a Sr, made WFCA 1st team All-State at OL. Scouts say that he has quick feet and good lateral mobility. 3.2 GPA/25 ACT.
OL Garrett Webster Moon, PA 6-8 340 5.29 [Jun] WISC, OHST(rth), VA(rth), MSU, IA, NCSt Son of Mike Webster. His coach said that: "He has great feet for a lineman. Didn't start playing football until the 8th grade because he was over the weight limit for midget football." Lemming felt that if WISC offered him, he would commit. 2.5 GPA/1030 SAT.
OL/DT Fred McConnell Southfield, MI 6-4 324 5.25 [10/24] ND, NW(o), WISC, IA, STAN, NEB, Navy(o) BP 400, SQ 650. Ranked #28 (Jun) in C.Pool's Midwest Top 100. Fansonly Top 150. Very agile and strong. Also plays DT. He gets off the ball quickly. 3.7 GPA/1200 SAT.
OL Chris Bartula Carol Stream, IL 6-7 275 5.3 [Sep] ILL, WISC, STAN, NW, Ivy League BP 275. Scouts say that he is agile and has the flexibility to get low. Good wrestler. 5.1 GPA/30 ACT.
OL Bart Miller Elk Grove, IL 6-4 295 5.3 [11/21] Duke(12/6), NEB, WISC, PSU, NIU, CMU, BG, AirF(o), Navy(o) BP 300. As a Soph, started at DT, moved to OL as a Jr. Scouts say that he moves well laterally. 3.4 GPA/24 ACT.
OL Anthony Rubican Schaumburg, IL 6-5 280 5.2 [Jul] ILL, NEB, NW, WISC, MARY BP 315. Coach Tom Cerasani says: "Anthony is as good as any OL I've had in my 20 yrs of coaching." 2.5 GPA/19 ACT.
OL Chris Acevedo Chicago, IL 6-5 275 5.1 [Jul] ILL, TENN, COL, WISC, NEB, PSU, NIU BP 250. Plays C and is an excellent long-snapper. Scouts say that he is very agile and pulls well. 2.6 GPA/17 ACT.
OL Jarrett Lassa Naperville, IL 6-5 290 5.3 [May] MICH, OHST, WISC, IA, MSU BP 275. Has pretty quick feet. Plays LT. 3.0 GPA.
OL Steve Douglas Joliet, IL 6-4 270 5.0 [9/17] WISC(fav), COL(o), IND, MICH, NW BP 350, SQ 640. Started on two state championship teams. Visited Madison on 2/27 for a few days. 2.7 GPA.
OL Like Engen Elgin, IL 6-6 255 5.2 [Jul] ILL, WISC, KSU, IA, PUR, MINN, NW BP 270. Scouts say that he has excellent quickness and athleticism, and can change directions very well.
OL Mike Raffaeli Indianapolis, IN 6-6 285 5.35 [Sep] ND, PUR, WISC, MSU, Ball 3-yr starter at OT.
OL R.J. Willing Honolulu, HI 6-5 300 5.1 [7/11] WASH leads ORE(o), BYU(o), WISC, AZ BP 24x225. Plans to go on a Mormon mission. Comes from the same school as Donovan Raiola.
OL Robbie Heos Pearland, TX 6-3 265 5.06 [8/28] TA&M;, WISC, ISU, CSU Can play C or G. Teammate of Johnny White.
OL John Ball Carrollton, TX 6-3 285 5.0 [Apr] COL, TEX, LSU, WISC, OKLA BP 405, SQ 505, VJ 25". Can play C or G.
OL Drew Nystrom Crystal Lake, IL 6-5 315 5.4 [9/20] WISC(fav), NW(rth), MIA, ORE, NIU(o), BG(o) BP 275. His coach said that Nystrom is more explosive than ex-Prairie Ridge lineman Brian Jurewicz. Also a good long-snapper. 3.6 GPA/28 ACT.
OL Evan Barbosa Oak Park, IL 6-4 284 5.31 [10/1] WISC, STAN, NW, ILL, Duke VJ 20.4". Named in Emfinger's National Super Sleepers. Camped at WISC. Good wrestler. 3.3 GPA/27 ACT/1270 SAT.
OL/DT Edward McDuffie Philadelphia, PA 6-4 310 4.9 [8/30] MICH, PITT, VA, RUT, PSU, MSU, WISC One of the top 2-way linemen in PA.
OL Dan Roscoe Plymouth, MN 6-5 280 5.1 [Jul] MINN, IA, NEB, WISC, ILL, MSU Rated 4-stars by Lemming. BP 280, VJ 23". Mobile with ability to change direction very well. 3.5+ GPA/23 ACT.
OL Matt Biondi Geneseo, IL 6-4.5 310 5.55 [9/17] ILL, WISC, IA, NIU VJ 19.2", shuttle 5.03.
OL Mike Clevenger Indianapolis, IN 6-2 283 5.63 [9/13] ND, TENN, IND lead MICH, MSU; not offered by WISC Ranked #4 in C.Pool's Indiana Top 30. Shuttle 4.97, VJ 21.1".

POS Player Home Ht Wt Spd Schools Comments
LB/S Mike Taylor Tampa, FL 6-2 220 4.41 [Oct] WISC(o), MSU(o), FSU(o) Ranked #34 S (Nov) by Rivals. Ranked #65 (Aug) in Florida Kids Fla Top 101. Scouts say that he has outstanding quickness and is a big-time prospect at 5 positions. Has played mostly DE, LB and S. As a Jr, had 7 INT and 3 caused fumbles. This year he's playing WR. He says that academics are his top priority. Intends to major in Physical Therapy. Wants to leave the state of Florida.
LB/DE James Stevenson Franklinville, NJ 6-3 230 4.7 [11/11] IA(12/6), WISC(12/13), PUR(1/24), ILL, Vandy all offered Ranked as the #3 prospect in NJ by recruiting analyst Dennis McCarthy. As a Jr, avgd 16 yds a catch at TE; on defense had 20 TFL, 9 sacks and 7 FC. Said to be an outstanding pass rusher with good instincts. Good wrestler. WISC was first to offer in May. 3.0+ GPA/950 SAT.
LB/DE Aaron Whittington St. Louis, MO 6-2.5 180 4.7 [11/19] UCLA, NEB, WISC, ILL, MO all offered Rated at 4-stars by Lemming. Ranked as #23 Weakside DE (Oct) by Rivals. VJ 27". As a Jr, had 15 sacks and 5 FC. Lemming says that he does an outstanding job of shedding blocks and staying on his feet. Brother lives in SoCal. Wants to major in engineering. 2.8 GPA/17 ACT.
LB Nick Moore Arlington, TX 6-2 226 4.6 [11/11] WISC(o,v), GT(o,v), ISU(o,v), ARK(o,v) Avging 12 tckls per game.
LB/FB Ronnie McCullough Tampa, FL 6-0 208 4.85 [Oct] FLA, PITT(o), PUR(o), VA(o), WISC(o), SF(o), CF(o), FlaAT(o) Ranked #28 ILB (Nov) by Rivals. Ranked #34 (Aug) in Florida Kids Fla Top 101. BP 305, SQ 465, VJ 28". As a Jr, avgd 13 tckls/game, had 12 TFL, 2 sacks, 3 INT and 3 caused fumbles. Scouts say he has great instincts; was involved in 300 plays his Jr yr. Had surgery for season-ending knee injury. 3.2 GPA/800 SAT.
LB Carlton Rice Huntsville, AL 6-1 210 4.6 [11/28] TENN, WISC, GT, MISS, Memph, UT-Chat(o) Ranked #47 OLB (Nov) by Rivals. Named to Rivals Alabama Top 30. As a Sr, had 5 sacks and 2 INT. Plays both OLB and ILB and is very athletic.
LB Jeff Jansen Jackson, MI 6-2 225 4.65 [10/10] MICH, MSU, STAN(o), NEB(o), NW, OHST(o); no offer from WISC BP 375, SQ 550. 11.0 100m. For career (pre-senior) made 327 tckls and 51 sacks. As a Jr, had 129 tckls, 15 sacks, 1 INT and caused 5 fumbles. Said to be good at fighting off blockers. 4.0 GPA/24 ACT.
LB/FB Calvin Hall Rochester, NY 6-1 230 4.6 [11/14] SYR, WISC, MICH Ranked #13 FB (Nov) by Rivals. As a Jr, had 100+ tckls and 3 INT; as an RB, rushed for 1300yds/21 TD.
LB Ralph Pineda Los Angeles, CA 6-1 234 4.82 [8/20] USC, WASH, WISC, AZ, ASU VJ 24.1", shuttle 4.38. As a Jr, had 100+ tckls; made All-CIF. Has reputation as a big hitter.
LB Josh Cobb El Paso, TX 6-3 217 4.7 [9/5] TA&M;, OKLA, WISC, UCLA Listed among top 125 TX players by TexasPrepXtra.
LB Irvin Spencer Bedford, OH 6-3 230 4.65 [Aug] OHST, MICH, WISC, PUR, MSU, IA, NW, MINN(o), WV(o), MARY, PITT, MiaOH(o), Cincy(o) BP 300. Also plays TE. Comes from same HS as Lee Evans. 3.0 GPA.
LB Matt Baetz Lemont, IL 6-1 225 4.52 [Jul] entire BIG10 BP 320. As a Jr, had 150 tckls, 9 TFL, 2 sacks and 2 INT. Said to be excellent in pass coverage. 3.2 GPA.
LB Chris Bastian St. Paul, MN 6-3 220 4.6 [May] NEB, MICH, WISC, COL, ILL, MINN, ORE, ORSt As a Jr, averaged 20 tckls per game.
LB Anthony Thornhill Detroit, MI 6-0 201 4.78 [10/2] MICH, MSU, ILL, MINN, WISC, OHST, BG BP 315, 11.0 100m, VJ 25.6". As a Jr, had 18 TFL, 8 sacks, 2 INT and caused 8 fumbles. 4-yr starter. Played S, LB and TE. 3.6 GPA/18 ACT.
LB Devon Parks Libertyville, IL 6-2 235 4.7 [10/8] WISC, UCLA, MINN, MARY, NIU First started playing football as a Soph. Camped at WISC.
LB Dave Schratz Garfield, NJ 6-1 220 4.65 [Jun] BC, WISC, KSU, ND, RUT As a 15-yr old Jr, had 13 TFL and 5 sacks.
LB Brian Goins Rockledge, FL 6-1 215 4.52 [May] FLA, MIA, MSU(o), WISC, CF(o) As a Jr, had 115 tckls, 14 sacks, 1 INT and 4 forced fumbles.
LB/RB Nick Roach Milwaukee, WI 6-1 215 4.65 [10/8] WISC, NEB, NW, NIU(o), NoIA, ND, BC 11.1 100m. As a Jr, had 18 TFL on defense. Played RB, SS, WR. As a Sr, made Journal-Sentinel 1st team All-State at offensive end; had 2 KR and 2 PR for TDs; had 39 rec/549 yds; rushed for 338 yds. Reported to have soft hands and excellent leaping ability. 3.5 GPA/24 ACT.

POS Player Home Ht Wt Spd Schools Comments
DE Julian Riley St. Petersburg, FL 6-3 237 4.8 [11/22] PUR(o,12/6), WISC(o,12/13), FLA(o,v), BC(o,v), OHST, ISU(o), PITT(o), Wake(o) Ranked #24 Strongside DE (Nov) by Rivals. BP 290, VJ 24". As a Jr, had 18 TFL and 13 sacks. Scouts say that he has an excellent 1st step and is very good at eluding blocks. Went to many camps, including camps of FSU, FLA and TENN. At every camp, he was the fastest coming off the ball. Riley said: "I really, really want to try to get a good education."
DE John Williams Houston, TX 6-5 225 4.75 [11/18] OKLA(1/17), TA&M;, WISC, ISU, KAN all offered Ranked #38 Strongside DE (Nov) by Rivals. As a Jr, had 12 sacks.
DE/DT Doug Van Dyke Marshall, MI 6-6 245 4.8 [11/19] MICH(o,fav,12/6), OHST(o,1/10), PUR(o,11/15), WISC(o,12/6) Ranked #4 Strongside DE (Nov) by Rivals. Lemming Top 100 as a TE. Rivals Top 100. BP 310, SQ 440, VJ 29". Every school is recruiting him as a DE. As a Jr, had 15 TFL, 9 sacks and 5 pass breakups. Brother played QB for MSU. Grades may be an issue. 2.0 GPA/21 ACT.
DE/TE Chris Harzinski Miami, FL 6-3 220 4.6 [10/29] FLA(o), WISC(o) lead AUB(o), RUT(o)
DE Marcel Frost Lyndhurst, OH 6-3.5 233 5.0 [10/10] MIA, OHST, MSU(o), IA(o), WISC(o), BC(o), MARY(o), Vandy(o) Rated at 4-stars by Lemming who said that he is close to 5-stars. Ranked #13 TE (Nov) by TheInsiders. BP 250, VJ 26.2". As a Jr, on offense had 55 rec/735 yds and 13 TD; on defense had 14 sacks, 6 pass knockdowns and 4 FC. Scouts say that he has excellent pass rushing moves and instincts. On offense, most of the time he was split out as a WR. 2.5 GPA.
DE Jermaine Lemons Tampa, FL 6-3 230 4.68 [Aug] MIA, FSU, AUB, MSU, GT; also offered by WISC Ranked #39 (Aug) in Florida Kids Fla Top 101. As a Jr, had 22 TFL, 11 sacks, 6 pass knockdowns and 5 caused fumbles. He is known as the "Human Highlight Film". Scouts say that his first step may be as good as anyone's. 3.8 GPA/1020 SAT.
DE Ryan Thompson Akron, OH 6-4 240 4.8 [Jul] OHST, WISC, NW, MARY, BC, Duke, MiaOH As a Jr, had 11 TFL and 12 sacks. Said to have a very good initial burst.
DE/LB Drew Thomas Grand Forks, ND 6-5 225 4.7 [Jul] NEB, COL, MINN, WISC, PUR, KSU, KAN As a Jr, avgd 8 ypc as a RB. Plays OLB on defense and is known as a big hitter. Scouts say that he is agile and quick to the ball.
DE/TE Phinney Troy St. Louis, MO 6-5 225 4.8 [Jul] STAN, NW, WISC, ILL, NEB, MO Scouts say that he runs well after the catch, and he has good quickness on defense. 4.0 GPA.
DE Steve Pilcher Hinsdale, IL 6-4 235 4.8 [Sep] ILL, WISC, MINN, DART, Navy As a Jr, had 11 sacks. Sleeper starting to attract interest.
DE Mike Toellner Mayville, WI 6-5 220 4.7 [Jul] WISC(fav), MINN, IA, IL, NW, MSU Made All-State as an LB. Scouts say he has the quickness to develop into an outstanding pass rusher. 3.0+ GPA.
DE Omar Savage Piscataway, NJ 6-4 240 4.7 [10/18] MARY(o,12/6), BC(o,1/24), SYR, RUT(o), WV(o); earlier listed WISC As a Jr, had 12 TFL, 6 sacks, 2 INT and 3 caused fumbles. Scouts say he has great quickness off the corner and can run down ballcarriers from behind. Grades may be an issue. ~2.2 GPA.

POS Player Home Ht Wt Spd Schools Comments
S/LB KaMichael Hall Klein, TX 6-0 200 4.5 [11/28] ARK, GT, WISC, STAN Plays LB but may be athletic and fast enough to play Safety. Looking for a school with good academics. 3.4 GPA.
DB/WR Desmond Reed Temple City, CA 5-9 170 4.4 [10/4] USC(o), WISC(o), WASH, FSU, AZ(o) lead UCLA, ORE, MICH Ranked #28 CB (Nov) by Rivals. VJ 27.4". As a Jr, at WR had 58 rec/1266 yds and 23 TD; at CB had 9 INT, returning 4 for TD. Scouts say that he has excellent recovery speed, is very physical and a very good tackler despite his size. Wants to major in Sports Medicine. 2.6 GPA.
S/RB Cory Boyd Orange, NJ 6-1 190 4.5 [10/16] WISC(o,12/20), VA(o,1/17), VT(o), MARY(o), BC(o), RUT(o) Ranked #18 S (Nov) by Rivals. BP 255. As a Jr, had 111 car/1736 yds (15.6 ypc) and 24 TD; as a Safety had 8 INT. Lemming says that he is potentially a 5-star player. Most project him as a S. As a shooting guard, avgd 25 ppg and 8 rpg. Wants to double-sport with basketball. Grades are a question. 2.0+ GPA.
DB/WR Brad Mueller Mars, PA 5-10 168 4.27 [11/27] BC(9/27), Duke(12/6), WISC(12/13), ND, MARY, PUR all offered Ranked #39 CB (Nov) by Rivals. 10.4 100m, 21.8 200m. Currently plays TB and FS but is projected as a CB/WR. As a Jr, had 6 INT, 9 pass breakups and 4 caused fumbles. Scouts describe him as physical despite his weight. As an RB avgd 7 ypc. Was timed in 4.27 at a camp in Pittsburgh. 3.0 GPA/880 SAT.
DB DeJuan Tribble Cincy, OH 5-10.5 180 4.5 [11/19] BC(o,11/15), PITT(o,12/6), WISC(o,v), MARY(o,v) Ranked #33 CB (Nov) by Rivals. BP 275, 10.9 100m. Plays QB. As a Jr, had 13 INT and 19 pass breakups. Scouts say that he breaks on the ball very well. 3.3 GPA.
S/LB Ed Butler Tallahassee, FL 6-1 190 4.53 [10/30] WISC(o), CF(o) lead NC(o), SCar, IND, CONN Ranked #36 OLB (Nov) by Rivals. Became Tallahassee-Godby's all-time leading tackler.
DB Darnell Terrell Eureka, MO 6-3 203 4.4 [10/3] MO(soft verbal), UCLA(v), WISC(v), OHST(v), ILL(v) Ranked #10 CB (Nov) by Rivals. 10.6 100m, VJ 40", LJ 21'. Lemming says that Terrell has "tremendous instincts" and would have been rated a 5-star player except for his limited time at DB. Has played mostly RB, where he avgd 8 ypc. Needs improvement in grades. ~2.1 GPA.
DB Daymeion Hughes Los Angeles, CA 5-10 170 4.5 [11/25] CAL(o,11/22), ORE(12/6), AZ(o,12/13), WISC(12/20), WASH(o), USC Ranked #36 ATH (Nov) by Rivals. VJ 29.9", shuttle 4.28. As a Sr, had 1500+ yds rushing and 520 yds receiving. Prefers to play defense, where he had 5 INT and 2 sacks.
DB Brandon Sanders Oakland, CA 5-10 170 4.38 [11/15] CAL(o,12/13), WASH(o,12/20), WISC, USC, ASU(o), ORE Named All-State as a Soph; injured most of Jr yr, but was selected All-State anyway.
S/LB Cory McKeon Naperville, IL 6-1 203 4.49 [11/22] PUR(o,10/19), MiaOH(o,12/6), NEB(o,12/13), IND(o,12/20), WISC(o,Jan) Ranked #20 S (Nov) by Rivals. Rated at 4-stars by Lemming. BP 20x185, VJ 30". Rushed for avg of 9 ypc; had 20 rec for 400 yds. Also punted and returned punts. 3.0 GPA/22 ACT.
DB/WR Tarell Carney Camden, NJ 6-1 180 4.45 [9/12] MSU(o), WISC(o), BC(o) Ranked #43 CB (Nov) by Rivals. VJ 35". As a Jr, had 31 rec for 600 yds and 11 TD. Described as explosive and a great leaper. Some project him as a CB. Grades may be a problem. 2.0+ GPA.
S Terion Caldwell Ft. Worth, TX 6-2 190 4.5 [Aug] WISC, IA, OKSt, TCU, ISU all offered VJ 36".
DB Mike Jenkins Bradenton, FL 5-11 178 4.5 [Jul] FLA, MIA, WISC, OHST, PUR, NCSt, SCar Ranked #31 CB (Nov) and 4-stars by The Insiders. Ranked #18 (Aug) in Florida Kids Fla Top 101. VJ 38". Good 1-on-1 coverage ability. Also good against the run.
DB Leonard Carter Wallingford, PA 5-11 165 4.32 [Jul] PSU, SYR, VA lead WISC, MICH, PUR, MARY, GT 10.5 100m, 22.7 200m. Lemming rated him at 4-stars with 5-star potential. As a Jr, had 8 INT and 5 pass breakups. Projected as a cover corner. 3.1 GPA/1040 SAT.
DB/KR D.J. Brooks Tarpon Springs, FL 5-10 170 4.4 [Jul] WISC(o), others unknown BP 250. As a Jr, avgd 35+ yds per kick return. Scouts say that his excellent leaping ability and instincts would make him a bigtime CB.
S/WR Oscar Walker Naples, FL 6-3 205 4.51 [Aug] TENN, WISC, CF, PITT, RUT Shuttle 4.12, VJ 28.6". As a Jr, had 1000+ yds (20 ypc) receiving. Plays RB and LB but is projected as a WR. Impressive at Nike camp. 2.5 GPA.
DB Brian Jones Avon Lake, OH 6-1 183 4.4 [11/20] IND(o,v) leads WISC(v), ND(v), PITT(v), PUR(v) 10.7 100m. Described as excellent in man-to-man coverage. Said to be a heavy hitter, and can play CB or S. 3.75 GPA/23 ACT.
S/WR Brandon Mendoza Big Spring, TX 6-1 175 4.4 [10/2] MICH, WISC, TT, OKSt, MARY BP 230, SQ 340, VJ 31". He says: "I want to go where it's cold." Enjoys hunting. Wants to major in criminology and become an FBI agent.
S John Shevlin Apple Valley, MN 6-1 195 4.55 [11/12] MINN(o), WISC, STAN, ND, ILL Plays LB but is projected as a Safety.
S Jules Montinar Naples, FL 6-0 200 4.57 [Jul] CLEM, GT, NC, PITT, WV; also offered by WISC Ranked #60 (Aug) in Florida Kids Fla Top 101. BP 350. Reputed to be the best SS in Florida. As a Jr, had 127 tckls, 2 sacks, 5 INT, 13 pass knockdowns and 5 caused fumbles. Scouts say that he has good instincts and makes big plays. 2.5 GPA.
DB Brandon Henderson K.C., MO 5-9 175 4.4 [Jul] NEB, KSU, KAN, MO, WISC, ISU VJ 38". As a Jr, had 9 INT and 17 pass breakups. ~2.8 GPA.
DB Tristan Burge Romeoville, IL 6-0 175 4.5 [May] IA(fav), ILL, WISC, FLA, NW, BC As a Jr, had 3 INT and 11 pass knockdowns. Projected as a cover corner. Scouts say that he is physical.
DB Milan Woodard Edwardsville, IL 5-11 185 4.5 [Jul] ILL, PUR, WISC, MSU, MO, KSU As a Jr, had 7 INT and 11 pass breakups; playing RB avgd 9 ypc. Some project him as a CB. ~2.5 GPA.
DB Steve Oliver Homewood, IL 5-10 185 4.6 [Sep] IA, NEB, PUR, WISC, MSU, ILL, NW, MINN, KSU Scouts say that he has outstanding instincts, ability to change direction, and closing ability. 2.8 GPA.
DB/WR Jawann Turner Hammond, IN 5-10 174 4.52 [9/17] PUR(fav), IND, WISC BP 250, VJ 25.3", shuttle 4.5. As a Jr, had 44 rec/844 yds and 16 TD as a WR; on defense had 5 INT. Scouts say that he has excellent recovery speed. 2.6 GPA.
S Ross Crampton Joliet, IL 6-2 200 4.6 [10/25] WISC, NW, UCLA, FLA, ASU 3-yr starter on 2 state championship teams. Missed Jr season due to knee injury.
DB Walt Gilbert Milwaukee, WI 5-11 170 4.56 [May] WISC, IA(o), NW(o) 11.0 100m. As a Jr, had 5 INT. Originally from Louisiana. 3.0 GPA.

POS Player Home Ht Wt Spd Schools Comments
DT/OL Eric Ball Hamden, CT 6-5 290 5.0 [11/12] WISC(o,11/23), IA(o,v), SYR(o,v), MARY(o), BC(o), MSU(o), CONN(o); also offered by MIA, NEB Rated at 4-stars by Lemming. BP 300. As a Jr, had 20 TFL, 10 sacks, 4 FC and 6 pass knockdowns. Scouts say he has excellent closing speed, agility, and ability to elude blocks, and is a dominating player. also plays OT. ~2.5 GPA.
DT/OL Charleston Gray Ft. Worth, TX 6-3 265 4.8 [11/27] NC(o,1/17), IA(o), ALA(o), WISC, PUR(o), TCU(o), OKST(o), ISU(o) Plays OT and DE. Good combination of size, strength and speed. Teammate of Ernest Mason and Michael Turner.
DT/OL Seren Woodfork-Bey Chicago, IL 6-6 265 5.0 [10/16] entire BIG10, TENN(o), VA, SCar BP 310. Scouts say that he has great agility and body control. Played both ways. As a Jr, on defense had 10 TFL, 3 sacks, 6 FC and 7 pass knockdowns. 3.2 GPA/19 ACT.
DT Charles Myles Chicago, IL 6-6 270 4.8 [Jul] TENN, ILL, WISC, MICH, NEB, COL, IA As a Jr, had 26 TFL, 12 sacks and 3 caused fumbles. Very athletic; in basketball, avgd 16 ppg and 9 rpg. 2.0+ GPA.
DT/DE Trevor Schultz Grand Rapids, MI 6-3 255 4.8 [Jul] MICH, MSU, WISC, MINN, IND, WMU #1 Lineman at Michigan camp for the last two years.
DT/OL Tim Smith Ypsilanti, MI 6-4 285 4.9 [May] MICH, MSU, WISC, NEB, OHST, PUR, ILL, MARY BP 380. Starter since his soph yr, very agile. Moves laterally very well. He is so quick that it is difficult to double-team him. On offense regarded as a good pass blocker.
DT Curtis Chance St. Petersburg, FL 6-3 280 4.8 [Jul] WISC(o), others unknown Ranked #98 in Florida Kids preseason Top 150.
DT/OL Mark Ciavirella Oradell, NJ 6-2.5 275 5.15 [10/2] Vandy(o), Hofstra(o), WISC, IA, FLA, Duke, CONN BP 300+, VJ 24.4", shuttle 4.72. performed well at the Nike PSU camp. Scouts say that he has quick feet, a good initial burst and great reactions on defense. 3.0 GPA/900 SAT.
DT Floyd Turner Melrose Park, IL 6-1.5 267 4.94 [Jul] MSU, ILL, PUR, WISC, MO, KAN, KY 11.7 100m, BP 225, SQ 525, shuttle 4.4, VJ 30". As a Jr, had 28 TFL, 11 sacks and 5 forced fumbles.
DT/DE Richard Kittrell Hamden, CT 6-5 305 4.75 [11/28] MIA, MARY(o,v), MSU(o,9/14), IA(o,12/13), VT(o), NC(o), BC(o); earlier listed WISC Lemming Top 100 and rated 5-stars by him. BP 380, SQ 615. As a Jr, had 12 TFL, 13 sacks, 4 caused fumbles and 13 pass knockdowns. As a TE, had 15 rec/377 yds and 5 TD. His coach says that Kittrell is the most dominant player the area has ever seen. This is a noteworthy statement since Antaj Hawthorne comes from that area. Nicknamed "Big Human". ~2.5 GPA; 2nd SAT attempt on 10/12.
DT/OL Mike Mahloch Shawano, WI 6-3 253 4.9 [Sep] WISC(fav), NW, NoDak Reportedly has quick feet and flexibility.